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Name: The Ultimate Barcode Directory
Price: $11.00

26 page book includes:

Second Edition includes all 12 secret monsters (aka. EXILES monsters) and pictures!
Bar codes that are large, flat and easily scanned.
Item information-tells you what each item really does.*
Monster stats-get the stats on every monster in the game so you know who you're doing battle with.
Monster class informaiton-Find out how to use the class advantage to your advantage.
COLOR pictures with each barcode.
Special quick-scan "Cheat Sheet" with useful items and healing code.
Items and monsters listed next to the barcode. No need to hunt through an index!
Works with Original Skannerz (Zendra, Pataak, and Ujalu)

Example Monster Information:
Example monster information

Why should I get this book?

The only place where you can get pictures and stats for the 12 secret monsters!
No need to struggle with oddly shaped barcodes.
Know exactly what you're scanning and what it can do.
Quickly reload all your item inventory after battle.
Know who you're battling and if you'll be poisoned.
Avoid the pain, trouble, and crazy looks from others when you take your Skannerz to the supermarket!
Get your pantry back in order.
Enjoy having the upper hand when battling.
Stop endless battles just to find one last monster.
Good for easily frustrated children.
No need to search through an index to find the item you need.
Ideal for rainy days and times when you have nothing else to do.
It's a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays.
Support the website that has provided (at no additional cost) a better alternative to the official message board.
For the excitement of finding unknown monsters, try the Barcode Jungle!

Specifications and requirements:

You need to have at least one Skannerz toy (red, green, or blue) to play.
To collect all the monsters you need all three devices.
In case you were wondering, Blue=Zendra tribe, Red=Ujalu tribe, Green=Pataak tribe.
26 color pages in a clear-cover binder.
This book contains every barcode needed to get all monsters and all 24 special items,
including the special 20+ healing potion and all 12 secret monsters.
*Item information not available for all items.

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